Our Other Pets

Great Pyrenees

Born in 2019, Lucy is learning to be our Livestock Guardian Dog.  She lives with the goats full time.  We have plans for breeding in the future so be on the lookout for puppies later on.

Austrian Cattle Dog & Unknown Mixed Breed

Blue and Pepper rule the farm.  They keep us safe from everything, the UPS driver or even the wind blowing the wrong way.  We love them both but they have to stay away from the goats because of their natural herding instincts.  Pepper was adopted from a shelter in 2011.  Blue came to us in 2014 as a puppy.  He was just to cute to pass up.

Indoor House Cat

Katey is our daughter's best friend.  She helps keep her calm and loves to snuggle, but only when she wants to.  She was adopted from a shelter in 2011.

Mixed Breeds

The chickens are in with the goats and away from Blue and Pepper who want to chase them. They're our big helpers when it comes to keeping the ticks and other bugs away.

Holland Lop Rabbits

Ollie & Bluebelle were born in 2019 and we brought them home in the summer of 2020.  They are both very sweet and love to be held.  We won't be listing the babies on the website, but contact us if you're interested.


Ringeisen Mini Farm


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