2021 Breeding Program

Mischief & Cinnamon - lost her baby due to cold weather

Rascal & Patches (possible blue eyes/possible moonspots)

Rascal & Daisy lost her babies


N1 - Buckling born 3/18/21, ready 5/27/21
Blue Eyes

Sire: Mischief

Dam: Queen Bee

1 in birth

$125 Buckling, $100 Wether

N2 - Buckling born 4/1/21, ready 6/10/21

Sire: Rascal

Dam: S'mores

$125 Buckling, $100 Wether


Interested in a goat?

  • Each kid will be held until approximately 10 weeks of age. No bottle babies will be sold unless it is best for the kid.

  • We will not disbud any of the babies.  Horns are a way that the goats regulate their temperature and are also a natural way for them to protect themselves from predators.

  • There is a $50 non-refundable deposit for every goat.  We will not negotiate the price as I believe our prices are fair.  If something happens to your goat prior to going home, you can either choose another baby or get a refund.

  • Wethers will be banded the night prior to going home.

  • Kids will be sent home healthy, but they are no longer our responsibility once they leave the farm. 

  • Please see our helpful tips and tricks page or contact us if you have any questions about caring for your new goat. 


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