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About Our Farm

We are located in Troy, Missouri, approximately sixty minutes North of St. Louis. 
We started our herd with eight babies in the spring of 2019.  With three wethers, Doc, Charlie and Remington and five doelings, Patches, Cinnamon, Queen Bee, Daisy, and S'mores, we had a lot to learn.  We have and will continue growing our herd every year in the hopes of breeding our goats and possibly adding some Great Pyrenees puppies along the way.


About Us

Hi, my name is Leah.  My husband, Ryan, and I are high school sweethearts.  We have four children together.  Our oldest is our only daughter followed by three rambunctious boys.
I grew up on a centennial farm.  As a kid, my family had cows, pigs, turkeys, geese and many, many cats and dogs over the years.  I've always wanted my own goats but it took a lot of coaxing to talk my husband into it.  Now we have nine goats!  I love all of them and each one has it's own personality.  The kids and I spend a lot of our free time in the goat pen watching them run and play.


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